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Hi friends, welcome to my website.

I have created this site to share with you my works, and many more things. Many more things are to come with the passage of time. Just keep your support (as you have done with my blogs).

Thanks, and happy visiting.

Recently published...

My debut story, "Silent Beckons" can be read in the anthology "You, me n Zindagi".

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My Facebook page: Söuvick: Please be connected to this page if you are on Facebook.

PETALS-The official fb group: Please be a part of this group to know more about PETALS.

You, Me & Zindagi: The page on the anthology that is going to be published (please see above). Please stay connected to the page to stay updated about the book.

Omji Publishing House: The official page of M/s Omji, our publisher.

Happy to help

If you want your website or any form of written content to be proofread, or if you want to get a written matter translated from Hindi to English- all at a nominal price, then I always am available for you. Feel free to drop a mail at


Special thanks to........

Ashish Krishnan, my friend who is often referred to by us as Computer Wizard, for supplying me with new ideas of how to make the site better.